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Lucky Luke
The lonesome cowboy Lucky Luke, his horse Jolly Jumper, the four evil Dalton brothers Joe, Jack, William and Averell, and Rataplan, the most stupid dog of the universe.
Lucky Luke
You can also view a page with subtitles of Lucky Luke (4x70kB inline images). ... Here is a list of books that have appeared in the Lucky Luke sequence. ...
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke. Real Name: Luke. Identity/Class: Normal (?) human. Occupation: Cowboy.
Affiliations: Jolly Jumper (his horse); Ra_n_tanplan (the dumbest dog in ...
Lucky Luke
In short:. Lucky Luke is a poor lonesome cow-boy, long away from home. He shoots
faster than his shadow. The Dalton family are always present in his ...
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1024x768 / 243KB Author: unknown Views: 109 Avg. Rating: 6.0 rate it! Added:
2004-08-26 Send to Cell phone, 1024x768 / 43KB Author: unknown Views: 209 ...

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