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Poor Sylvester. All the cat food he can eat, and still he insists on following
his instincts by pursuing that most elusive (and painful!) of meals - Tweety. ...
Don Markstein's Toonopedia: Sylvester Pussycat
SYLVESTER PUSSYCAT. Medium: Theatrical Animation Released by: Warner Bros.
First Appeared: 1945 Creator: Friz Freleng ...
Looney Tunes .WAV Files - Sylvester & Company
The Sylvester & Company .WAV Files Page of Neal Abrams. ... Sylv41.wav, Over this
pussycat's dead body Daffy: That's much too messy. ...
Sylvester the Cat Page
Sylvester1.ico. Preview picture. sylvester2.ico. Preview picture. sylvester3.ico. Preview picture. sylvester4.ico. Preview picture. Screen Savers ... don't come to you...Sylvester
Sylvester History
Sylvester's first words "Thufferin' Thuccotash!" became his trademark. They were uttered in Life with Feathers (1945), an Oscar-nominated Warner Bros. cartoon directed by...

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